Thursday, November 22, 2007

Banana/Mango/Yogurt Redux

I’m so fond of this new mix I’ve stumbled onto that I decided to make it into a dessert. Following some guidance from the most accomplished woman I know, I hied myself off to the market and picked up a small box of Knox® Original Gelatine.

I made up a couple of blender pitchers of the batter. (I call it Glop for short) The recipe is very easy: A couple of cups of diced mangos, a cup of yogurt, a couple or 3 bananas and a rounded table spoon of Splenda. I let the blender run for about 10 minutes to beat the Glop to an even consistency through out.

I had purchased a couple of prepared graham cracker crusts (which turned out to be a disappointment, but not ruinously so.) The pie tins would take more than one blender pitcher, so I mixed up 2. (I had predetermined the volume of each crust to be 3 cups.)

I dumped 2 of the little packets of gel into a 2 quart Pyrex measuring cup and dissolved the gel by adding a cup of boiling water. Once that was done, it was only a matter of stirring in the Glop up to the 3 pint mark. Once glop and dissolved gelatine were well mixed it was only a matter of pouring it off into the pie crusts and setting them in the reefer for a three hours.

Let me tell you, folks. That pie was a hit at 2 Thanksgiving dinners where I took them.

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