Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I’m Still Here At Walk And Wait

John Mark Karr is back in the news again. You might remember him; he’s the nut case who admitted to killing JonBenet Ramsey both in phone calls and by email while he was in far off Thailand.

The Boulder County, Colorado, District Attorney stumbled all over herself to get him into local custody forthwith, hastening his arrest and paying a fair dollop of taxpayer’s money to fly him home — in style as it were. But, alas, he is not the slayer of the 6 year old beauty queen. That’s according to DNA tests performed after his arrival at the Boulder clink. The same tests could have been accomplished in Bangkok, and Coloradoans coulda saved a buck or two on airfare, but hindsight is 20-20 as you know.

Since he didn’t do the deed, the Colorado heat had to turn him loose, but the story didn’t end there. Sonoma County, California, wanted him to answer to five year old charges of misdemeanor kiddy porn.

Once more, at tax payer expense, Karr was sent by air. This time from Colorado to California. Now that he is in custody, it comes to light that critical evidence in the case is missing and it is thought the cops threw it out when they moved to new quarters a few years ago. The prosecutor has drawn the judge’s wrath by claiming to need more time to study the very evidence the cops probably trashed.

In return for the prosecutor’s lying to the court, the good judge will entertain motions to dismiss all charges. Even if not all the charges are thrown out, the prosecutor’s subterfuge has tainted the case.

The upshot is this, it looks like Karr is going to walk out of jail a free man and not be subjected to any of that sexual predator reporting nonsense. No mandatory GPS anklets for him.

Let’s see what we got here. A sicko, one each, who at one time was into naughty pictures of children and later graduated to fantasies of child molestation and murder. He’s going to be a free man, and it’s not like we don’t have enough screw balls on the loose, but this particular screw ball is one who has good cause to view the justice system as something of a joke – not to be taken seriously. To repeat myself: He’s going to be a free man right here in California. Think about it.

Here is where I would like to ask a favor of those readers who are into devil worship; would you put in a bad word for incompetent prosecutors in all the states that start with a “C”?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Standing At The Corner Of Walk And Wait

What a weird week! The Pres has been on the mass media telling us all how the Iraq debacle is the cornerstone of America’s War On Terror. Five years ago the entire world sympathized with the US. It’s pretty lonely today; just Britain and Australia are our pals. Osama is still on the loose, Saddam has been in the jug for a couple of years now, but we have yet to hear a guilty verdict. It seems like the chief judge does NOT think he was a dictator.

In the meantime thousands of Iraqis are going off to see Allah on a regular basis, American money and lives are being poured down a rat hole, and I, for one, don’t feel a bit safer. As a matter of fact, I have more to fear from my government than I do from the Islamists. At least they are not reading my email or confiscating my property at airports. I think Dubya’s assertion that America needed to invade Iraq is proof positive that Barbara was abducted by aliens.

The Pres has asked Congress to help set outlines for interrogation of suspected terrorists. I really miss FDR. Oh, how I miss FDR.

During WWII the American phase of the strategic bombing campaign in Europe was focused on “precision” day light bombing. If a bomb struck within a couple of hundred yards of the intended target it was considered good. Hence hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped in hopes that a few might disable or even destroy a valid military target. Civilian losses – euphemistically called “collateral damage” these days – were horrendous.

The British phase of the campaign was mostly limited to night flying and dropping lots of incendiaries in “area bombing.” This consisted of special missions by Mosquito bombers marking target cities with highly visible fire bombs, whereupon the following Lancaster bombers would indiscriminately strew incendiary bombs far and wide. Civilians paid a huge price – as many as 45,000 perished in the firebombing of Hamburg in 1943 and there were many more such raids to follow over the next 21 months.

Later in the war, when only Japan was being bombed, USAAF adopted the RAF Bomber Command philosophy and fire bombed Japanese cities. In Tokyo, a single raid incinerated 18 square miles of the city. Accounts vary on the death toll of civilians; accounts run from 80,000 up to 100,000.

By that time the government was becoming aware of growing aversion to the war and decided to do what could be done to speed its end. Firebombing and atomic bombs, along with daily carrier borne fighter-bomber raids on infrastructure brought the empire to its knees, thus ending the greatest blood letting of all time.

FDR and his successor, Truman went after the Axis with everything that could be brought to bear and there were more men and more material still moving toward the sharp end at the war’s conclusion. These were single minded, ruthless men who decided to get down to the enemy’s level and show them what atrocities really were. The bombing of Guernica, Coventry and Chungking were repaid many times over.

That does not mean that American forces ran amok; what was instituted was a program of exerting unbearable pain on an implacable enemy no matter what the “collateral damage.”

So here we are attempting a namby-pamby policy of custodial care for the people who were instrumental in the murder of our citizens. Maybe we should just turn them loose — in downtown New York amid lots of fanfare.

Americans are dying on a daily basis. Despite Dubya’s emphasis on preemption, the preemptive option seems to have gone astray in the occupation. To compare this situation once again to post-war Germany, every man there was required to be interned for two years. The only exception were key people vouchsafed by the mayors of their home towns. American corpses were NOT dragged through the streets to amuse the citizens, and damned few, if any of the occupation forces were subjected to sniper attacks or roadside bombs.

Compare this current idiocy to how we handled matters in the past and you have to admit that Michael Moore had a pertinent question as the title to his excoriating “expose” of Dubya. Okay, WHAT did happen to my country, dude?

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