Sunday, February 25, 2007

Notes From Paranoia Palace

I live in a rambling old house with two other guys. One of ‘em is a diagnosed bi-polar and the other may or may not be diagnosed, but is a for sure paranoiac. It’s not like I’m playing with a full deck some days, either, so I fit right in. As I told one of my pen pals, this place offers plenty of grist for the playwright’s mill, providing the shows are intended for off-Broadway. Far off-Broadway.

This little tidbit is just too much to hold onto until it can be worked into a script. I had hours and hours of computer stuff to do today. I was pecking away, both computers going. Email on one and FTP on the other.

One of the roomies who likes to repeat what he heard on the news came barreling in my bedroom door. “Did you hear the insurgents set off an IUD with a chlorine tank next to it?”

Please believe me, it took all I had to not spray the keyboard with the morning’s beverage. I told him what he was talking about was an I E D without explaining the difference. It took a few minutes to refocus on work. The image of some poor mother-not-to-be exploding her IUD next to a chlorine tank is too ludicrous for description.

It was raining today. Almost any humor was welcome. Even that.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foot (Hunting) Season

Here we are in early February, 2007, about twelve months away from the primary contests to be held in winter/spring of next year. So far there are 9 Democrats and 10 Republicans who have declared themselves for president.

Past Democratic candidate, John Kerry – whose call sign was Rock Jaw back when he was winning the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with V device, and three purple hearts – managed to do in his presidential prospects by joking about the perceived illiteracy of troops in Iraq.

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona is also a distinguished veteran who recently slipped 25 points in opinion polls when he supported Dubya’s decision to add some 5 brigades to the Iraqi debacle. His cavalier statement, “It’s the only game in town.” is very likely to disturb those who have loved ones serving in that cesspit. Over a hundred non-combatant civilian Iraqis were immolated by a truck bomb there today. Ask their survivors if they are having fun playing the game.

Democratic Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware was heartily encouraged to apologize (which he did) to Illinois Senator Barack Obama for unseemly remarks on his candidacy.

Hillary stumbled on a quip about “evil men.” and is ungracefully attempting to patch the gaffe created when she tried to explain it.

So far, one would-be president has removed himself by virtue of his own dumb utterances, another has injured himself grievously, and two more have lost ground they must recover to prevail at their respective conventions summer after next.

We will have ample opportunity to parse each and every word coming out of the candidates mouths over the next several months. I think the debates will be lively and I think a lot of humor will be generated at their expense. Better campaign than the last one, I do believe.

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