Sunday, August 26, 2007

It Works (I Think)

In my last post I stated my intentions towards Matrix Consulting Group. I followed up by forwarding their emails back to their Tech Support email address. Y’all wanna guess who ain’t getting’ no more spam from those Damn Yankees these days?

Also, since my last post, I took a drive to my middle brother’s place in Central Oregon. He has a small ranch several miles east of Bend. It is a lava bed and juniper bush desert that has been irrigated by water diverted from the Deschutes River. His place is lush with greenery, having been planted in trees several owners ago. It is a comfortable, beautiful place to live. The only draw back is its distance from DSL or broadband access. While there, I received an email with attached photographs. Rather than wait a long time to download them on his less than speedy dial-up, I drove to an internet café named Bellatazza, which is located at 869 NW Wall St, Bend. I had a chai, and downloaded and saved the pictures while ogling all the good looking women who stopped by on a Saturday afternoon.

Bend is another of those towns that has doubled in population in less than 20 years and is now a small city at a published population figure of 75,000. I found the natives to be friendly and helpful.

Some of the pictures I took there showed a brilliantly blue sky of the type seen here only a few days out of the year. It was a nice trip.

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