Wednesday, April 28, 2004

'Nightline' Devotes Show to Reading War Dead Names
Reuters Headline (See Story)

It would appear that ABC is making a distinction twixt sheep and goats. Something over 500 Americans have fallen in combat or have died of wounds suffered in combat. These will have their names read. The other 201 souls who have left us on account of accident, friendly fire, or suicide will be omitted. Obviously they are not just as dead because the war didn’t cause their demise. A splitting of hairs, it would seem.

Quote the article:
A "Nightline" spokeswoman said ABC's decision was not related to the publication of the photos, and there was no political intent behind ABC's decision to read out the names of those killed in the war.

One must remember that ABC in the person of Roone Arledge gave us Howard Cosell to explain football and a Canadian, Peter Jennings, to shame us into putting an end to the slaughter of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ted Koppel, the anchor of ’Nightline’, came to prominence during the Iranian hostage taking in 1979, thereby assuring a Reagan-Bush victory in 1980.

Is this political? You bet your bippy.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Violence Among Girls Increasing in U.S.
AP Headline (See Story)

This puts me in mind of 1964. Does anyone remember the Free Speech movement in Berkeley followed by student riots, the emergence of militant feminism, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and all that?

I developed the theory that once human life is not regarded as the most valuable of all assets, when killing becomes an almost casual pastime, the doors are opened for every manner of human corruption.

As Vietnam dragged on and on and on, terms such as “If it feels good, do it.” “Sorry about that.” “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” “Ruined his day.” and “Pigs” gained currency and Charlie Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, The Zodiac Killer, were people in the news, and the events of the day were race riots in major cities, Malcolm X, the Reverend Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, and George Lincoln Rockwell lost their lives as political statements. Some politics, what?

This mess in Iraq has no resolution in sight and it would appear that we are headed for another chapter in the saga of “Burn, Baby, Burn.” I just hope the music is as good as the Stones and the Beatles.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Iraq: Bad News and Worse News

I was just looking at the CNN Website listing the names and in most cases the photographs of coalition dead. It looks to have been a banner month for the president who espouses American Family Values. Funerals do have a way of reuniting families, don’t you know.

And let’s see, I believe Dubya touted himself as the Energy President and sure enough gas prices are going up again. You da man, Pres!

And the worst blow of all is Estee Lauder has passed on. She was responsible in a way for two of my marriages. Hadn’t a been for her, I’d a left ‘em at the bar where I found ‘em.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Spyware's Victims Spread
PCWORLD.COM Headline (See Story)

A while back I asked my friend OWW what he does to keep himself free of this kind of botheration. He directed me to the LAVASOFT site. Their Ad-aware 6.0 is free for download. It does an excellent job, the problem is that it is very slow to open, but I use it anyway.

After using it for a while, I noticed that the only place “Data Miners” showed up was in my Cookies file. Easy enough to place a short cut to that file on the desk top.

The spyware “cooties” can only be installed on your machine when you have cookies enabled. As I am somewhat paranoid about any sort of infection on this computer, I ran scans in between site visits when I enabled cookies. Iwon.com is the biggest offender with excite.com a close second. Using yahoo.com mail can install as many as 3 cooties in a single visit.

At one time I had a free mail account at iwon. It has gone by the boards, and my use of the excite mailbox has diminished considerably.

I am sole user of this machine, so there is only one Cookies file. As I mentioned, I keep a shortcut to it on the desktop and anytime I visit a site that needs cookies enabled I do so, but disable Cookies before I leave that site and check my cookies file for anything that has been added.

LAVASOFT offers updates from time to time which I download and run an entire system scan afterward. One of the new updates discovered some iwon trash in a folder other than Cookies so I continue to use Ad-aware for total system scans, but depend on monitoring my cookies file for day to day cyber hygiene.

The cited article points out that people are forsaking broadband for dial up on account of this problem. That’s a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. If you really don’t want spyware, you can always go back to smoke signals, but expect a visit from some wild-eyed EPA tree hugger waving a warrant.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Back, After A Fashion

Between hustling to finish up a number of projects prior to surgery and the pain-killer generated fog afterward, I've lacked first the time and later the mentality to sit at the keyboard and attempt to form cohesive thoughts.

The situation in Iraq has gone from bad to worse. We are assured by Dubya that the murdering insurrectionists are a tiny minority. But then he told us Iraq's stash of WMD and their ties to Al Qaeda were an imminent threat to the United States. Come on — would you buy a used car from him?

The military campaign to conquer Iraq was brilliant in that it was accomplished in short order diminishing the number of casualties. The post conquest occupation leaves a lot to be desired and the prattling coming out of Washington should be packed around the roses rather than taken to heart.

Prediction: There will be a Boy Scout Summer Camp on Mars long before democracy is practiced in present day Iraq.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Poll Says Bush Is Losing Support on Iraq
AP Headline (See Story)

You betcha, Buckwheat! I wonder how long it will take to see that the status quo ante bellum was perfectly hunky dory. The entire public safety infrastructure is demolished and the Bush regime has not come up with anything close to a sufficient substitute. It is not enough to arrest a murderous son of a bitch after he has killed. Something needs doing and it needs to be now. Internment of every military aged male is not out of the question after the outrages of this past week.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Shooting Kills 4 Salvadorans, 14 Iraqis
AP Headline (See Story)

Today is Palm Sunday. Christians hold this day in reverence as a commemoration of the entry of Jesus, The Prince of Peace, into Jerusalem. It is usually given over to observing the rite of communion and prayer.

It would appear that prayer for the families of those slain so senselessly would be in order, but outrage at the events in Iraq this week should rightfully be directed toward the warmonger in the White House who brought all this about.

Conquest entails governance of the conquered and that’s just not happening. How often will “Anti-American protests” be allowed to serve as camouflage for suicide bombers intent on killing Coalition Forces? How many more murdered Americans need to have their mutilation aired on television before this administration gets that message?

Bloody mass murder on television at dinner time is one hell of a way to promote American Family Values, there Pres.

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